Swatch of fabric from Hindenburg sells from more than $36K

Feb 8, 2018

A swatch of canvas recovered from the wreckage of the Hindenburg has sold for more than $36,000 at auction

For Bon-Ton, founded in 19th century, an uncertain future

Feb 5, 2018

Bon-Ton Stores, struggling with weak sales and saddled with debt, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Prince white Cloud guitar among items set for auction

Feb 5, 2018

A white Cloud electric guitar commissioned by Prince is among the late icon's items to be auctioned.

UPS posts $1.1 billion profit for 4Q on high online shopping

Feb 1, 2018

UPS reports a $1.1 billion profit in the fourth quarter but had to spend extra to handle holiday shipments

Celebrity divorce lawyer launches site to simplify breakups

Jan 25, 2018

For years, Laura Wasser has been one of the go-to lawyers when celebrity power couples get divorced, and now she's launching a new website and service that will allow people to get divorced without setting foot in a courthouse or needing an attorney

Authentically handmade? How to know amid mass production

Jan 24, 2018

Skilled artisans make unexpected inroads into the U.S. retail market but how do you know if something is authentically handmade?

Get your stuff and go: Amazon opens store with no cashiers

Jan 23, 2018

No cashiers, no lines, no registers _ this is how Amazon sees the future of in-store shopping

Embrace the Bold North in Minneapolis for Super Bowl

Jan 17, 2018

Minneapolis is the northernmost city to host a Super Bowl, and tourism officials are embracing that as they welcome visitors to the "Bold North."

Click, tap, buy: Holiday shoppers spent record amount online

Jan 16, 2018

Shoppers spent a record amount online during the holiday season

Supreme Court to hear sales tax collection case

Jan 12, 2018

The Supreme Court has agreed to wade into the issue of sales tax collection on internet purchases in a case that could force people to pay more for some things and let states recoup what they say is billions in lost revenue

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